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    About Tribute & Tradition

    Here’s a little bit about who I am and where Tribute & Tradition comes from. I grew up in Seymour, a small town in Connecticut, and moved to San Diego, California in 2001 after earning my Master’s degree from the Cornell Hotel School in New York. I met my wife, Anna Diaz, while both of us were on a business trip to Cabo San Lucas in 2006 and we married in 2008. We have two beautiful children, Liliana (7) and Brendan (5), and our first baby (our dog Riza) turns 15 this year. I enjoy meeting and speaking with new people, learning their stories, and sharing mine in return. I cherish my days spending time with family and friends and getting outdoors to fish and golf.


    My mom, Laurene Schultz, is my inspiration in founding Tribute & Tradition. We lost her from this world on February 10, 2020 after a 19-year battle with breast cancer. The experience was emotional, stressful, and heartbreaking. But there were times of joy, bonding and celebration, too. From the learnings associated with my mom’s diagnosis and eventual passing, I started Tribute & Tradition to help envision end-of-life plans for terminally ill individuals and their loved ones.

    My mom was a force of nature, a constant shining light. We all wanted to focus only on spending quality time together and creating memories. Giving and receiving love.

    What I quickly realized is that the time we had left with her would have to be filled with more than that. With planning and paperwork. With truly understanding what she wanted out of the life she had left, and how we wanted and needed to be a part of it. To understand how she wanted to be remembered and the traditions she wished to be carried on. I created this offering not really meaning to. I created it by filling this need for my own family. And I want to do the same for you.

    Today, Tribute & Tradition is succeeding because we honor my mom and all those who have touched our lives through the creation of this company. I wish to see you enjoy as much quality time with your loved ones as possible. Filled with laughter, moments of giving and receiving love, and the gift of knowing you’ve made an impact on someone else. While you continue your journey and write your story, know that I am here, ready to support you and the legacy you leave behind.


    To change the way the world deals with loss.

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    Honoring My Mom with Joy

    Beyond being there to serve loved ones in their final days, I also believe in being there to support everyday joy as well. My mom loved to express herself and pearl jewelry was a big part of how she did that. So I’ve also started The Freshwater Pearl Company to honor the fun, loving and celebratory nature my mom was known for. Her memory and legacy lives on in every piece. I encourage you to find your own ways to continually honor your loved ones.

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