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    Information and guidance
    to get you through this

    Once a terminal diagnosis has been made, time seems to speed up. The unfortunate truth is the details of life’s final transition take time, effort, attention. I’ll help shoulder some of this burden. Gently guiding you with a practiced care that comes only from someone who’s done this before. We’ll Identify what you don’t yet have. Your end of life plan. A will and testament. A burial plan. Donations to causes. Letters or videos for your loved ones. Whatever it may be, we’ll identify the gaps and plan to fill them.



    Honor who you are and what you want. Work through your feelings and desires for what’s next in a safe, confidential space of sharing and trust. This will form the roadmap for the time you have left and the support needed now and later. I’ll guide you through conversations to ensure your plan is actionable.



    Share the roadmap with your loved ones. Gain guidance on what’s coming and agreement on roles and support possibilities. Allow for discussion of what’s possible with the given time and with other responsibilities taken into account.



    Make the vision a reality. Having your affairs in order keeps your focus on living rather than what comes after the final good-byes. Your plan will be followed with the utmost respect and your specific needs in mind and heart.


    How My Story Informs Yours



    Your needs,
    your desires.

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    Your family,
    your loved ones.

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    Your life,
    your legacy.

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    My Commitment

    Tribute & Tradition is here to help you prepare. To get clearer in intention and action, and help you shift your focus to your purpose, your life, your legacy.

    • Figure out what really matters to you. Take action to bring those desires to life.
    • Spend better quality time with your loved ones, showing your love in big and small ways.
    • Create memories to be cherished. Moments of pure love and comfort, now, when you need it most.

    I promise to honor desires and plans with the utmost care. This journey will give you confidence that your final wishes will be followed, your loved ones will be taken care of as you design, and the burden of end of life tasks after you’re gone will be reduced.

    No two experiences are the same; the stress, confusion, emotional turbulence and pain can be similar. I’ve experienced this as a son and as a caregiver. I’m here to be your guide. To help make your beautiful intentions for your loved ones a reality. To provide an opportunity for you to have more moments of love and a sense of peace that your wishes are known and will be well executed. I commit to action with the empathy of someone who truly cares. And I promise to remember you for the loving, caring person you are.

    This work is nuanced and emotional. I’ve recorded a webinar to walk you through this in more detail. I’d be honored to help you.

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